This trip has been created for a client’s birthday traveling with a group of 6 people Starting at Bordeaux’s area with a horse riding along private vineyards to discover the place where all happens.


Being invited by the cellar’s owners to have a private lunch in their chateau and wine & champagne tasting guided by an expert in a very relaxed atmosphere.


By helicopter, the best view of the wine properties and chateaux will make your dreams become real.


You will be welcomed to Le Mans Porsche center to drive an authentic race car on the famous circuit.


Small and expert champagne producers are our best jewel.


The old caves full of stories to be explained and the family traditions will not be a secret for you anymore, heritage and gastronomy are strong here.


The royal champagne spa will be the perfect end of this trip.

Wine & Champagne
Wine & Champagne 2
Wine & Champagne 3
Wine & Champagne 7