Rich in history and novelty traditions, France has today this solid heritage. We propose you to visit France in a completely new way, getting inspired by its amazing life.
Aliénor d’Aquitaine, Queen of France and Queen of England was the most powerful and advanced woman in Europe. She lived an amazing love story which was transformed in a family battle later and her blood, is today, in many of European Royal Families.


Your trip starts in Bordeaux, the capital of wine and a rich and elegant city, by a stunning helicopter flight overviewing an accurately selection of cellars, welcomed by the owners and a visit to some of the best private contemporary art collections, including a unique contemporary art museum un Europe.


In Loire’s Valley we have prepared a selection of castles to be discovered in a very personal way. The most exquisite food, fashion or music and literature came here for. The step from medieval to Italian style garden in Renaissance, passing later to all Europe are a perfect excuse to open some of the most beautiful gardens for your visit.


Versailles and Paris as the last destination will give you the opportunity to learn more about the Royal Court. A royal dinner like Marie-Antoinette had in his palace, a demonstration of the aristocracy codes for social events and the different architectural styles visit will be ready for you.

Royal French Dynasties
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