“ Listening to the silence at the stunning 11th Century Fontevraud Abbey, protecting decades of passion in an authentic Camembert cheese, getting carried away by Paris “chic” secret places or simply my favorite sunset walks in Bordeaux’s best vineyards…. all these means discovering France to me…”

M. Campmany

Our Vision,
The challenge is to find the places with the exclusivity, authenticity and elegance the discerning traveler seeks today.
There is a way to do it…. knowing and selecting personally the places, the local people and the experts we work with. We want to introduce to you this extraordinary country, France but also the rest of Europe.

Who is Campmany?
M.Campmany, economist and expert in protocol by the Spanish Foreign affairs Minister, is the highly successful owner of a boutique Chateau hotel near Bordeaux.
He is renowned for the quality of life he provided his guests and he is passionate for gastronomy, history and art.
He elected to further develop his services to the elite traveler visiting France by creating the incoming exclusive travel agency, Campmany.
Today they curate travel experiences in all Europe and have chosen Abu Dhabi for his expansion to Middle East and Asia clients.

Finding the authentic, looking for what is new
Always looking for new ways to visit and discover the most interesting places, adding new experiences.
Opening closed doors and focusing on what is really authentic makes us the perfect ambassadors for you to live the amazing “art de vivre à la française”

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Personalised & Exclusive Travel
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