France as synonym of elegance and “savoir-faire” is the inspiration for this creation. A rich tradition of sensitive and delicate making, craft and style.

Your trip will start by a private visit to bags designer’s atelier in Paris. From the process of conception to creation you will have the unique opportunity to know how a distinctive piece results from. To end we have selected a classic luxury brand to be visited.

Diamonds, which have always been desired and a symbol of luxury, will be presented by an expert artisan.

He designs, prepares and creates the jewel in perfect harmony to wear it. This is a secret to be discovered. We are so glad to give you this opportunity in a very special visit.

Paris as the capital of the world of a fashion has many “artisans” who know perfectly the delicate art of giving form to the most exquisite design of clothes. The visit will give you the opportunity to discover some of them live and direct.

The art and expert technique also arrives to chocolate. From the hands of a “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” you will discover the process of creation on a new chocolate collection. To celebrate it we will have a “grand cru chocolate” tasting with champagne.

Parfum is a very personal and distinguished symbol. The art of creating it, it is a very complex process, not only for the technique but specially for the empathy of the artisan for the client. It will ideally become an expression of your soul.

Sensibility appears by means of materials like porcelain which is perfectly made by the last 260 years by French high society. Visiting its design and manufacture but specially the evolution of this art expression through decades, it will be a moving experience.

To finish your dream, you can enjoy a dinner in a Palace like Marie Antoinette usually had, and the assistance at the Ballet of the Opera National de Paris will be the perfect pearl to end.

Heritage french lifestyle
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Heritage french lifestyle