You are going to discover the best world’s gastronomy country.

France has created year by year a deep culture based on local food but specially transforming it into the most refined gastronomy.

As you arrive, you will be taken directly to the Normandy, the “cow” paradise.

A personal selection of local producers to know more about the organic cheese produced here.

Excellent Camembert or Livarot cheeses but specially some local ones, out of export market.

Double or even triple cream to use in all cooking possibilities and butter as you have never tasted before. All the local producers and the chefs will be introduced to you.

The amazing coast and white cliffs viewed from a sailing boat means being fully immersed in the Normandy soul. French gardens and contemporary art collections will make the perfect combination with this gastronomic experience.

Bordeaux and Dordogne are the next stop. Some of the best world wine is produced here by some family generations. The helicopter will not only offer you the best views to the cellars but also the XIII century castles in Dordogne. Black diamond truffles, cepes mushrooms, amazing strawberries and the duck are here a religion and they know perfectly how to prepare them.

Paris at the end. The most fined patisserie is created here every day. By the hand of a Master patissier, you will be introduced to the exclusive chocolate grand crú collection.
Visiting a cheese caves,in the middle of the city, to taste a selection of the best cheese in all country, guided by our cheese “affineur”.

Paris has a lovely street food proposals and those will be in our way but also and elegant classic Bistrot in pure French style and Michelin star restaurant with the best Paris views.

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