As an art revolution, Impressionism represented a new treatment of light and painting technique.


Here you will discover a selection of masterpieces and the places where the artists lived. You will be inspired and you will feel yourself the famous light you can see in his paintings.


Starting in Normandy and visiting Giverny, where Claude Monet had his house and his garden of colored flowers painted several times but specially his loved water lilies. A visit led by our specialist.


Probably Claude Monet and Marcel Proust never met but we will discover what both artists had in common.
Also the deep friendship between C.Monet and Georges Clemenceau (the President of the Republic). Both had the following idea of France; first freedom of creation and secondly freedom of life.


The Etretat cliff, painted by C.Monet seen from a sailing boat, is one of our favourite ones. The dinner following a recipe taken from Monet’s book of cooking by Claire Joyes will be on your menu in the “exclusive” beaches of Deaville where the American cinema stars come every year.


A walking tour around the places painted by Van Gogh will make you literally go inside his master paintings. Do not forget the room he rented until his life suddenly finished.
“Japonisme” inspired the Impressionism period, first in France and later in all Europe. You will discover all aspects of it even the gastronomy.


We will finish in Paris, the best place to enjoy Impressionism master pieces.


Private collections (depending on dates) will be complemented by personal guided visits to the Orsay Museum, Marmottan Museum or the Orangerie Museum.

Exploring the impressionists inspirations
Exploring the impressionists inspirations
Exploring the impressionists inspirations 2
Exploring the impressionists inspirations 6
Exploring the impressionists inspirations 4
Exploring the impressionists inspirations 5